How to install a library in the Arduino IDE?

Arduino IDE: Installation of a Library

You want to install a new library on your Arduino desktop IDE? Here is a guide for you how to install a library and also I show you the most used libraries to will need for a lot of projects.

Let’s start by open the Arduino desktop IDE.

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On the navigation bar at the top of the IDE you see at the third position “Sketch”. When you mouse-over the Sketch button you find in the drop down menu “Include Library”. On the right side a new window expands with the current libraries and the first entry is “Manage Libraries…”. Click on it.

Arduino IDE library 1
Now the Library Manger opens in a new window which is the main part of the Arduino desktop IDE to install, update and uninstall libraries. Also the Library Manager has a hand search field from which you can search the library you want to install.
Arduino IDE library 2

Install a Library

If you want to install a library just type the name of the library in the search field and select the newest version. After you selected the version just click on the “Install” button.

After the successful installation you see after the name of the library that the installation was successful.

Arduino IDE library 3
Arduino IDE library 4

Update a Library

If you want to update a library you may become a popup at the main Arduino IDE. I would recommend to update a library when a newer version is available to ensure stability, security and access new functions. To update a library you can filter by libraries which are updatable. Filter after that type in the Library Manager and update the library with a click on the button “Update”.

Arduino IDE library update

Most used Libraries

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