Microcontroller Datasheet eBook

The 35 pages Microcontroller Datasheet Playbook contains the most useful information of 14 Arduino, ESP8266 and ESP32 microcontroller boards.

You get a full ranking of all boards across the following dimensions: Connectivity, Price-Performance-Ratio, Power Consumption and Size / Fitting.

In the detailed section of each microcontroller you find information about the pinouts of the boards as well as the power consumption in different operating modes.

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Ranking of 14 boards

You do not know what is the best board for your next project? The datasheet playbook ranks and compares the most common microcontroller boards: 5 Arduino, 4 ESP8266 and 5 ESP32.

Microcontroller Datasheet Playbook Ranking

Comparison of Power Consumption

Do you plan to build a battery powered project? The Microcontroller Datasheet Playbook shows you the microcontroller boards with the lowest power consumption.

Microcontroller Datasheet Playbook Power Consumption

Detailed Datasheet Information

Find detailed technical information for each microcontroller and compare the datasheets of multiple microcontroller boards in seconds.

Microcontroller Datasheet Playbook Datasheet

Pinout including voltage regulators

You are unsure what is the minimum and maximum voltage you can run the microcontroller board with? The eBook contains the complete pinout of each microcontroller board including the voltage regulators.

Microcontroller Datasheet Playbook Pinout

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Frequently asked questions

The following microcontroller boards are included in the Microcontroller Datasheet Playbook

  • Arduino
    • Arduino Nano 3
    • Arduino Uno R3
    • Arduino Mega R3
    • Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V
    • Arduino Pro Mini 5V
  • ESP8266
    • ESP8266 ESP-01S
    • ESP8266 NodeMCU V2
    • ESP8266 NodeMCU V3
    • ESP8266 WeMos D1 Mini
  • ESP32
    • ESP32 – DevKit C
    • Adafruit HUZZAH32
    • Sparkfun ESP32 Thing Plus
    • Fire Beetle ESP32
    • WiPy 3.0

The Microcontroller Datasheet Playbook has in total 35 pages.